Naked Pics...?!?!

This is supposed to be a page of naked pictures of our members. Somehow, though, we seem to be having trouble getting our members to give us some.

So far, the only naked picture we've gotten is from that whore, Bashy. You can view his naked picture here.

While you're waiting for more, (and we know you are) you can read the award-winning* tale, The Story of Bashy. It was penned by Meaticus, with the illustrations drawn by Kaaewen. We're sure you'll love it.

If you're looking for other Bashy-related reading material, (we did tell you he's a whore, right?) you may wish to read the tragic love story "Bashy Know Why Caged Bird Sing," or check out the sad-but-true Log of Idiocy, both by Bashy.

*No actual awards were won, but is it wrong for us to want to feel special?