Noblesse Oblige, dating back to November of 2004, is a well-established Kingdom of Loathing clan. From the beginning, our primary goal has been simple: to build and maintain a group of the most intelligent, kind, generous, and successful players the community has to offer. We want to be a clan that lacks suckiness and that is not full of jackasses. Exercising this amazingly selective approach, however, is not our only goal.

Populating our roster with members who are among the best of the best, as it turns out, is not something Noblesse Oblige does simply to form some sort of elitist orgy-having, no-girls-allowed club. We seek the best so that we can give the best back. But what does that mean?

Today, with a roster of nearly 40 members literally brimming with goodness, Noblesse Oblige is a great, bubbling vat of diverse skills. What sort of selfish clan would waste that potential on itself? Surely not Noblesse.

Everything we do as a clan is structured to fulfill an ultimate ideal. We want to sex you up so crazy. By that, we mean that we seek to enrich the Kingdom of Loathing experience not just for our own clan mates, but also for you, the community.

Through giveaways, contests, unique personalities, sharing of cutting-edge strategy and information, kindness and generosity, Noblesse Oblige proves the thing most important to us isn't our own success... it's yours.